Pre-Order The Québec Book Now

Pre-Order The Québec Book Now

The_Quebec_Book_cover_Promo_smallAbout The Québec Book

The Québec Book, co-authored by Andrew Greenfield and Marie-Noëlle (Marino) Gagnon, is a unique guide for anyone interested in learning about the language spoken in Québec. You could be someone visiting Québec, planning to move to Québec, or already living here. Or maybe you’re a native English speaker, a native French speaker, or a speaker of any other language for that matter.

What does matter is that you have a strong desire or passion to understand the everyday French spoken in Québec and the people who speak it.

With that in mind, our aim is to explain the richness of the Québec language and culture, how and why certain phrases are used, when it’s appropriate to use them, and where they came from.

You’ll find oodles more Québec language and cultural goodies in the book but that’s the gist of it.

Warning: There will be swearing.

Pre-Order The Québec Book 

You can pre-order your copy of The Québec Book now and receive a numbered copy from the first print run signed by the authors.

See below for ordering details.

When will The Québec Book be ready?

It is slated for release in 2018.

How much will The Québec Book Cost?

The Québec Book will retail for $18.95+tax.

Total cost with taxes:

$19.90 – Total cost if picked up (price includes tax)
$25.90 – Total cost if mailed to you (price includes taxes and shipping)

You can either have your copy mailed to you or you can pick it up in Quebec City.

If you would like a copy mailed to an address outside of Canada, please contact us for shipping rates.

How can I pay for my copy of The Québec Book?

You can mail a cheque, payable to Média Trois Canons Inc., for the required amount to:

The Québec Book
Média Trois Canons inc.
1063, boul. de la Chaudière
Québec (Québec)  G1Y 3T3

Or you can pay by credit card via either of the links below.

You will be notified as soon as the book is ready.

Pick up your copy of The Québec Book ($19.90)


Have your copy of The Québec Book delivered ($25.90)


About the Authors

Andrew Greenfield moved to Québec in 2009 with his Québec-born wife and two children. He has been attempting to master the French language ever since.
Andrew owns an English bookstore and the publishing company responsible for and Life in Québec Magazine. He has been involved with online and print media since 2001. Prior to that, Andrew served in the British Army for a decade.

Marino Gagnon is a media and communications professional. Since the mid-nineties, she has worked in radio as a host in one guise or another for national broadcaster Radio-Canada in Alberta as well as for commercial stations including 102.9 M FM Québec, Radio X Saguenay et Montréal, CKOI Québec, and others across Québec. Being a francophone Quebecer hailing from the south shore of Québec City, Marino has mastered the nuances of the language spoken here in Québec.

Thank you so much for your support. We genuinely appreciate it.

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