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Média Trois Canons inc. is a publishing company based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Our company publishes online media, hard copy magazines, books and ebooks.

Key personnel:

Andrew Greenfield – President

Andrew has lived in Quebec City since 2009, having moved to the region from the United Kingdom.

He has many years of business experience in the UK and Canada, in both the traditional print media and online publishing environments. He has been on the board of directors of a Quebec City-based non-profit organization and assists various charities in the province.

Prior to this, he was employed as a criminal investigator for a government agency.

Andrew is an avid reader and is passionate about the written word.

He is married to a French-Canadian.

Together, they have two children, both of whom attend school in French.
They are being brought up in a bilingual environment, something both he and his wife deem essential.

Andrew’s other business interests include (but are not limited to) the provision of English tutoring and translation services via Les Services Emchar inc. (an Emploi-Québec accredited language school) and the provision of English books to educational establishments and the general public via Livres Trois Canons inc. (an accredited English bookstore).

Simon Farnell-Morisset – Vice President

Farnell Morisset has lived bilingually in Quebec City from birth, receiving primary, secondary, and CEGEP education in English before attending Université Laval. Having obtained a bachelor’s in engineering from Laval, he has worked as a business development professional in Quebec City’s growing high-tech industry and is now completing a Law degree at McGill University.

Morisset has a wide range of experiences and interests. In his time, he has given conferences on organisational communications, represented business interests abroad, worked as a political adviser and organiser, and been involved in non-profit organisations of many stripes.

Michael Bourguignon – Manager

Michael Bourguignon has fond memories of a yellow portable typewriter on which he banged out his Family Times newspaper at the age of 10. He only completed one issue because it turned out his family was pretty quiet and had few stories of any mass interest to share. Still, he went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a newspaper reporter and editor, later “joining the dark side” as a corporate communications professional.

In a career spanning more than 25 years he has plied his trade with Thomson Newspapers, Transcontinental Média and McGill University, among others. He has written and/or edited more words than he is able to count, though many of them were repeated more than once.

A transplanted Maritimer, Michael lived for many years in Montreal before moving to Québec City in 2009.

In what little spare time he has, he enjoys stage acting and directing, cooking and the outdoors.